Thank you to the many authors who came from around the State of Texas to support each other and the thousands of other Texas Authors that help contribute to a wonderful collection of artistic books, they cover a wide range of genre's and subject matter.  Their estimated value to the Texas economy has been determined to range from $600 million to $1 billion dollars annually.

 Rep. Jason Villalba and author Reading HR 57 Resolution on the Texas House floor on March 8, 2017 honoring the contributions by Texas Authors to Texas.

 A group picture of Texas Authors who attended the Texas Authors day at the State Capital on March 8, 2017.


 Various Texas Authors and family members who attended the Texas Author Day on March 8 as they waited for the House to begin daily business.

 Best selling author Sandra Brown was present to support Texas Authors.  Photographed with Texas Authors, Inc., Founder/Director B. Alan Bourgeois

 Texas Rep. Jason Villalba and Rep. Linda Koop welcoming Texas Authors to the state capital and thanking them for their creative endeavors.

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