YOU Making Money from your Books is OUR Number One Priority!  Texas Author Points (TAPS)

  Texas Authors, Inc., is proud to introduce a new program that will allow you to make more money from not only selling your books but using the services and programs we offer. What a great way to save money and get more marketing opportunities at the same time.

  Our new POINTS program (TAPS) is very simple. 

  For every dollar, you spend on a program related to Texas Authors Inc., Dear Texas Inc, or Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., you will get 1 point.

  For every book sold through our website, the author gets one point for the sale price of the book. (Sale value $15 = 15 points)

  We will offer additional programs that give you more opportunities to earn points and achieve special rewards.

  At the end of the year, you can turn in the points for use on programs, membership renewal, events, etc.

  Here is an example of one person earning points:

  I pay my membership renewal at $100, I would get 100 points

  I purchase a table at Wimberley book festival for $25, I would get 25 points.

  I refer a new member to TxAuthors and they join, I would get 125 points.

  Readers bought 5 books on the website at $15.00 each, I would get 75 points.

  This example gives me a total of 325 points that can be turned in and used toward table time purchase, Dear Texas Radio Ads and all other programs or events by any of the three participating organizations.

  There are endless opportunities to earn points. Grace Allison, for example, has sold over 100 books on Amazon this year. Those 100 books could be 1,500 points she could use if the books were purchased through our website.

  One author is attending all of the book festivals we have produced this year, that will equal to over 500 points just for those events.

  This program puts more money in YOUR pocket to use on marketing which increases YOUR book sales!


For over the past six months I have been developing a program that gives more energy and exposure for book festivals and the authors that participate at these events.  There are three key issues for the authors and readers who attend these book festivals as well as for the book festival organizers:

  1.    discovery of new authors

2.    being over whelmed by the numbers

3.    value to authors attending the event

  Readers attend the event to discover new authors, but become overwhelmed with the number of authors that are present and in many cases, they forget which ones they talked to.  In many cases, they buy one or two books with the desire to remember the name of the other books they are interested in for future purchase, but have forgotten what the book was, or who the author was.

  An Author attends the book festival to find new readers and to hopefully sell as many books as possible.  They do their best to obtain information (email addresses usually) about a reader in the hopes of following up with them down the road and get them to buy their book.  Many times, the reader ignores these emails and no sales are created.

  Thus, you end up with Readers who do enjoy attending the event, but become over whelmed with all the authors present.  The author doesn’t sell as many books as they want or need to, in order to cover the expense of the event.  That now brings us to the third issue, Book Festivals can be pricy.

  To help offset the cost of the book festival fees, it is critical that an author believes that they have not only sold enough books, or that they WILL sell more books from the event down the road.  But if a reader is overwhelmed by the event and forgets which authors they had checked out in order to purchase their books, then there are no future sales.

  With Book Festival Network, you are creating an opportunity for Authors to continue to get more exposure after the event not only with the readers who attended, but with others that could not attend, or didn’t know about the event.

  Accomplishing the additional exposure is done through a three-step process:

1.    Creating web pages for the book festival that includes information about the event, authors participating, etc.

2.    NetCasting the event live as it happens and interview each author giving them a chance to ‘sell’ their books in a short two-minute segment. Then editing the NetCast so that each author has a video of their pitch on their web page after the event is completed.

3.    Creating interactive reasons for the readers that attended the event and others who learn of the event afterwards to view the authors pages, and give them a reason to purchase the book(s).

  This three-step process creates a winning opportunity for everyone involved.  Authors are given the potential to have sales after the event, the Book Festival gets additional exposure and creates additional value to the book festival, plus increasing the opportunities for the Readers to re-discover the authors that attended the event, which can lead to more purchases.

  Finally, additional advertising exposure for sponsors of the event, can help offset the additional cost related to the Book Festival Network expenses.  This additional exposure can then increase the value of the book festival greatly, thus giving the festival organizers more opportunities and funds to continue to create great events.


Happy New Year!

With this tumultuous political debacle behind us, we now look forward to the new year.  If we learned anything over the past year, it is the power of one clear valuable concept: TEAMWORK!

It does not matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or anything else, you are a human being and a proud American. You are also an AUTHOR and TEAMWORK is the major concept that drives us to help YOU grow by utilizing the marketing programs we create, which ultimately increase book sales. It is our hope and desire that for the serious author, the growth allows you to make a fair earning and ultimately inspire you to write more. There is no doubt that us Texans have a lot to say!

While our organization has suffered some setbacks this year, we have also experienced great growth. The obstacles along the way have fortified my desire and energy to change things guaranteed to improve our overall success.

Because of what we experienced in 2016, I have claimed this year for us Texas Authors as the year of TEAMWORK! Texas Experts helping Authors with Marketing their Words and Offering Responsible Know-how.

There is no doubt that our hard work continues to raise the level of awareness and exposure for both members and non-members to new heights that benefit the 8,400 and growing number of published Texas authors. Those members who choose to use our programs, and read our Author Updates are the ones who experience the most growth.  They are the serious author who wants to continue to thrive and grow in their endeavor.  Even for those who barely use our services, the additional exposure through our numerous websites has also helped increase their opportunities for success.

With the addition of my Book Festival Network, we are creating new ways for exposure and publicity for those who participate in book festivals, while increasing our value to the writing and publishing world.

Five years of hard work has given Texas authors national and international exposure and we plan to multiply that ten-fold over the next couple of years. With your continued support and membership, we will accomplish our goals and add strength to our programs. We are here for EVERY Texas Author no matter what city you live in, and no matter what genre you write. If you are serious about your growth, then we are here to help.

On behalf of the board members of all three of our non-profit boards, and especially myself, we want to wish you and your family a great New Year!  Let the TEAMWORK make us stronger as a creative and economic force in Texas and the World!

TEAMWORK divides the task and multiplies the success!


Texas Authors, Inc.

A nonprofit organization that supports & markets Texas Authors.

We create new and exciting ways for authors to promote their books.