For years, we have been working hard getting the public and school libraries to learn about us and the many Texas Authors that work with us.  As you know it is not an easy process, but bit by bit we are slowly getting into them for book signings, and other programs.

We now want to help you increase your opportunity by offering you a simple and cost effective way to let them know about you.  We have an email list of over 2,400 library contacts and are now opening up ad space in an email blast to those contacts.

Authors who participated with us this year at the Library Conference have already been a part of an email blast as a reminder to the librarians, and now you have a chance to reach out to them as well.

Here is the cost breakdown:

$25 – A picture of your book, and basic information (Cost, ISBN, Genre Listings), plus a short synopsis.  Our web link for purchase.

$50.00 – The same as above, but instead of our web link for purchase, it would be a link you select (your website, amazon, etc.)

$75 – Custom Ad – this is an ad that you make and submit for us to include in our email blast.


Texas Authors, Inc. is an organization designed to help Texas Authors learn how to better market and sell their books.

We work closely with our partners DEAR Texas, Inc., and Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., both nonprofits that have created additional programs and events for Authors.

Texas Authors is a subsidiary of Bourgeois Media & Consulting