YOU Making Money from your Books is OUR Number One Priority!  Texas Author Points (TAPS)

  Texas Authors, Inc., is proud to introduce a new program that will allow you to make more money from not only selling your books but using the services and programs we offer. What a great way to save money and get more marketing opportunities at the same time.

  Our new POINTS program (TAPS) is very simple. 

  For every dollar, you spend on a program related to Texas Authors Inc., Dear Texas Inc, or Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., you will get 1 point.

  For every book sold through our website, the author gets one point for the sale price of the book. (Sale value $15 = 15 points)

  We will offer additional programs that give you more opportunities to earn points and achieve special rewards.

  At the end of the year, you can turn in the points for use on programs, membership renewal, events, etc.

  Here is an example of one person earning points:

  I pay my membership renewal at $100, I would get 100 points

  I purchase a table at Wimberley book festival for $25, I would get 25 points.

  I refer a new member to TxAuthors and they join, I would get 125 points.

  Readers bought 5 books on the website at $15.00 each, I would get 75 points.

  This example gives me a total of 325 points that can be turned in and used toward table time purchase, Dear Texas Radio Ads and all other programs or events by any of the three participating organizations.

  There are endless opportunities to earn points. Grace Allison, for example, has sold over 100 books on Amazon this year. Those 100 books could be 1,500 points she could use if the books were purchased through our website.

  One author is attending all of the book festivals we have produced this year, that will equal to over 500 points just for those events.

  This program puts more money in YOUR pocket to use on marketing which increases YOUR book sales!


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