The Associate (TxAuthor Jr) membership is designed to help YOU save money and time by giving you information that may have great value to an author in relationship to marketing their book(s).


Plus, notice of new and exciting events that we create to help you market and sell your books.

· Ability to participate in the DEAR Texas events - listed on the website

· Dear Texas Radio Interview – At least once in a calendar year. Show is recorded live and then distributed as a Podcast on several channels.

· Listing on the Texas Authors Institute of History website with opportunity to sell your book.

· A 10% discount to events and programs sponsored by TxAuthors, which includes our annual book contest, short story contest, Authors Marketing (http://Authors.Marketing) event and other programs.

· Printing discounts for marketing materials by a Texas printer

· Weekly email newsletters with the latest information about TxAuthors and informative articles to help you succeed


Termination of Membership:

1 - Termination of membership may be done at any time at the discretion of the Director as they feel is necessary due to the member violating rules and policies or endanger the profitability of the organization. At time of termination of membership, the Director will supply a letter to the terminated member as to the reason for termination.

2 – Upon termination of membership, or failure to renew membership which will be considered as termination of membership, the member has 30 days from the time the membership is terminated to request return of any books in our system, that were supplied by the author. On the 31st day following termination of membership, the books, if any, will be donated to the Texas Authors Institute of History for their collection and use as they determine. Any funds owed to the author member for sales of books prior to termination of membership will be sent within 90 days of termination of membership. – Add that the author has 30 days from termination to renew their membership, otherwise the membership is fully terminated.



Texas Authors, Inc. is an organization designed to help Texas Authors learn how to better market and sell their books.

We work closely with our partners DEAR Texas, Inc., and Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., both nonprofits that have created additional programs and events for Authors.

Texas Authors is a subsidiary of Bourgeois Media & Consulting